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Description of endorsements program


Detail of Talentlotto's endorsements programs


Registration just gives artists a “spot” it doesn’t entitle you any Staff members nor does it entitle any talent to staff members services. If a staff member offers help it is per their acceptance and is not offered through Talentlotto. The registration gives you access to our platform and the opportunities we post but doesn’t guarantee your success. It I sent specifically to hold a “Place” for you within our system. Hard Work and presentation gains the attention and lands you the opportunities.

Please read below for indepth details of the Endorsements program and its uses and expectations within an artists’ or talent‘s Career. 

The endorsements program specifically works on behalf of allowing companies and brands to utilize artists and talent for their projects. Companies presenting endorsements are affiliates of Talentlotto and are major brands and established companies with high net income projects currently on their table

  To begin the process of enrolling in the endorsements program a staff member must assess and evaluation any given talent in making sure that the talent meets the need of the current offerings and are up to industry standard with material Or their current release. Once approved to participate in the endorsements program artists are expected to present their EPK to interested or seeking companies via Talentlotto and the work begins.

endorsement levels are as follows:

Basic endorsements- $5,000-$25,000

mid-Range endorsements- $250,000-$500,000

Black level endorsements (These endorsements are only presented through staff members)

  $1,000,000+ and up 

The endorsements program gives artists and talent a clearer avenue at gaininh success while working and gaining a larger audience through brand or influencer work.


 enrollment into the endorsements program has to  approved By a Talentlotto staff member.

Monthly Allocations for artists

All registered artists are given access to this opportunity.

Monthly artist allocations 

included :$1,200,000

artist investment of:

1) Song remastered and re-recorded within a top notch studio

2) Professional Music video 

3) Marketing and promotion of song on all digital plareforms:YouTube ,Twitter,SoundCloud,MTV,VH1 song receives a viral blast.

4) Small 4 market tour : NYC,Miami,Chicago,Los Angeles.


Events and venues

Talentlotto hosts events and venues monthly,quarterly, and yearly. These events are a way for more entertainment endorsements to circulate in a more rapid fashion. At these venues and events artists and talent are able to grace the Stage with A-list artists and main stream artists that we allow to perform at our events and venues. Artists are able to do this at no cost. Unlike other companies we don't charge artists and talent to perform at our venues . At these venues and events a total of $8 million dollars in endorsements are usually available. So we always encourage artists and talent to bring their "A game"  this is usually a weekend event and it usually allows artists and talent to gain what they are seeking in regards to endorsements and also drum up future business as companies or perspective clients are able to see the product in person and experience the artist and the experience of their music.



Endorsements are capital that companies present through Talentlotto many instances the companies are either seeking talent for future projects or to see what's out there in regards to new talent. They can also see how their current talent stacks up to what's on the horizon of emerging talent much like a "market comparison". The artist is given the endorsement without obligation. Our objective is to allow artists to receive capital to fund and fuel New projects. We don't charge anything as we make our money from the companies not you as a artist. The registration and registration fee is just to hold a “Spot” for the artist or talent what the artist does with that spot is completely up to that artist. This is why we have a higher success rate because others charge artists and keep them on for an extended period of time and the artist doesn't achieve anything. We give a 75% success rate which means we work behind and in front of the scenes to assure artists gain success. While you are asleep we are awake staying ahead of th opportunities to assure you have great opportunities to gain success from in the areas of film,fashion and music.

Plus 3+ artists

Talentlotto requires all artists scout and recruit three other artists to register and come onboard this is a back up plan and a secondary insurance factor.  While you as an artist or talent are hard at work your plus 3 will have work on the horizon as well. Everytime a artist that’s your “Plus 3” gains an endorsement you as the finder will receive a finders fee or comission check for finding that artist or artists.


Your artist receives an endorsement for $25,000

you will receive a comission check for $8,000 from the brand.

Talentlotto‘s objective is to turn artists into paid working artists with substantial income.

The “Plus 3+” also works that if you book a concert or show through Talentlotto and have to cancel one  your plus 3 artists can fill in for you as the artist and you will receive partial payment meaning if the show initially pays $20,000 you will receive $10,000 and your ”Fill-in” artist will receive $10,000

 It I am mandatory requirement of all artists to scout and we recruit three other artists. This gives all artists intrinsic value into Talentlotto and it’s holdings as a purveyor or a larger pool of talent. It  provides artists with more opportunities are financial gains.


Weekly endorsements:

   For a detailed list of all opportunities and other events you must have a subscription to Talentlotto. Understand that all events and opportunities are solely for those on the platform as registered users unsolcited materials are not excepted. Valid members may only obtain endorsements and attend events and gain opportunities we present through our affiliates presented weekly,monthly,yearly...etc.


New York- Fall 2019

No upcoming events.

About Us

Talentlotto's Purpose

Talentlotto was the vision of various industry professionals who wanted to work with emerging talent and artists who normally wouldnt have the opportunity to work with them due to the fact that they are expensive. They wanted these artists to have the opportunity to benefit from their skills and expertise without having to work with them under binding contracts. With Talentlotto artists and talent and models are able to benefit from the endorsements program which allows talent and models and artists to receive endorsements which range from $5,000-$25,000 weekly. Thus creating the opportunity for artists to focus on their careers as professional entertainers rather than working jobs outside of the entertainment industry in order to support themselves and their entertainment careers. With the endorsements artists are able to support not only their personal lives but also able to support their careers and future projects. Artists are also able to attend events we host and also perform on stage with A-list artists we have at our events which allows the emerging artists and talent to add this to their entertainment resume.  Artists benefit extensively as we give a 75% success guarante. We guarantee thats artists and talent will receive some type of benefit or opportunity to gain ground within the industry through opportunities in film or fashion or music. This is for serious artists and talent only!!  With 100s of opportunities weekly it will be rather easy for all talent to find opportunities that will fit their talent and skills.



  Endorsements are a exciting way for artists and talent to gain capital all while keeping their independence. Through endorsements artists are able to present their material and themselves to affiliates that we work with on opportunities those particular affiliates may have available. The endorsements typically range from $5,000-$25,000 weekly with fully completed projects such as mixtapes and albums are at the $250,000 range. 

   There are also mid level endorsements that range from $250,000-$500,000 

 finally there is the black level endorsements which are $1M+ those are only shopped by our industry vets and not by the scouts who recruited the artists. Black level endorsements are for artists that have a bit more experience and are deemed to be ready made artists. 

Why Talentlotto?

Well  the simple answer to this question is that Talentlotto does virtually everything to assure success of  those we work with. Artists and talent aren't paying thousands of dollars without results what we do is virtually free to artists and talent. Once on board all events are free and open to you. If our affiliates want to conference with you or conduct a meet and greet we pay for the flight and accommodation. You owe us nothing what makes us different from others is this: We don't make our money from artists we make our money from our affiliates. You only pay for small things. Which is a minimal expense. For this reason we only want those who are serious as it's virtually free to you but costly to us!!  So we want you to gain success just as much as you want to succeed. 

Talent and artists and models and other talent



     More Info coming Soon!

Talent Here is your chance to also make a splash


Hey there artists coming on board is very excited especially those with their eyes on endorsement. The endorsements are a great way for you to make money from you talent and hard work. They are awarded to artists and talent weekly from our affiliates which are companies whom are working on projects or may work on projects in the future and feel you have what it takes for their next project or may want to strike up business with you. The endorsements does not in any regard mean you are signed or binded to anyone or anything. There is nothing contractually binding involved you can simply take the endorsemen and run if you choose. The endorsements range from $5,000-$25,000 weekly with other endorsemeets such as completed music albums and mixtapes being presented at $250,000  This is for those with a serious mind to gainfully work or become apart of the industry. Remember many times you may have all the talent but lack professional equipment or funds to start well that's what the endorsements are for many endorsements are companies seeking covers to see what great singers or artists are out there and that's your chance to shine and show that you have what it takes. 

   But here is a great part every artist must bring on five artists which we call your "All-Star lifeline" these five artists will help you gain success as well because when any of the five artists you bring on receive endorsements you receive a matching commission meaning if your artist friend receives a endorsement of $15,000 you will receive a $15,000 commission which is a great way for you to gain capital to fund your own projects or quit a unwanted job to focus on your musical or entertainment or fashion career!  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you don't want to miss. There are literally 100s of new opportunities every week and you as the artist or talent are awarded weekly when you receive your endorsement upon being chosen.  Also you are given access to all our events and other opportunities in film,fashion and music. All of these venues and opportunities and more are open and free to you as a onboard talent or artist. 

Venues and Tours and other opportunities


Other opportunities such as tours and shows and film roles and runway shows during fashion events are available be sure that when presenting for these opportunities when listed that you understand we pay for all artists and talent accommodations and flights etc... to and from events. You are never responsible for those facets of things. 

Attention Talent and Artists!!!

Attention Artists and talent...

Artists and talent, understand that this is a very fast paced opportunity . With that being said understand that opportunities are first come first served meaning things move along swiftly. When you see a opportunity that is of interest be sure to contact the listed information ASAP to snag the opportunity first. Endorsements are paid to artists at the end of each week.  Understand that terms and conditions of endorsements awardments  each artist and talent must have five artists in their roster That are active! Also be sure that you successfully attend your scheduled on camera interview press conference where you will be  awarded your endorsement capital.  Also understand that no song can be presented more than two cycles after receiving an endorsement. This also applies to any portfolio photos from models and mixtapes from producers and Djs and covers that may be requested. All materials are only able to receive endorsements twice during the course of 12 months. This is why is important for artists and talent to continue to make new material. This is the key To success.  However you are able to present to as many endorsement opportunities as you please. 



Requirements of Talent/Artists/Models/Djs/Producers..Etc..

1). Artists must recruit and scout 3 other talents or  artists or models or producers/ Djs within 1 week of signing up. 

    This assures that even when you are not particularly receiving endorsements or opportunities when a artist that is one of your "three" receives an endorsement or capital from an opportunity you as the finder will receive a matching commission. So if one of your "three" receives an endorsement of $15,000 you will receive A matching amount during the course of that week. 


2). Understand that during the week when you receive a endorsement you will be flown to Los Angeles or New York which is where press conferences are usually held and artists are interviewed and awarded their endorsement/endorsements this is also where artists are given a small meet and greet and showcase. 


3). Access to all events are only for Those on our platform at events you are only allowed one guest.  If we request for you to open or perform at any event or venues, you will be paid for your performance at a beginners pay rate of 25% of $45,000


Q: Is there any contracts with Talentlotto

A: No, there are no contracts with Talentlotto unless our production company or any of our other subsidiaries decide to make an exclusive offer to an artist. 

Q: Is there a limit on endorsements I can receive?

A: No, there are no limits on the number of endorsements you can receive however you are only allowed for any song or photo or material to receive two endorsement awards. Meaning if you have a photo or any one song and it receives two endorsements that song or photo becomes  ineligible for presentation anymore You must present another song or photo after you receive those two awardments. 

Q: Can I get job opportunities?

A: Of course!! We get tours and concerts ,film roles opportunities and the list is rather extensive. We always have events which is a great way to not only generate money but also a great way to network and gain other business opportunities. 

Q: Can I make $100k from endorsement? 

A: Yes, you could potentially make $100k or more in endorsements. This would depend upon the endorsements available and the Brand.

Contact Us

We love conferences

We love meeting artist and talent and models. We have pop-up open calls from time to time. We love to meet artists and talent during that time. 

Talentlotto Inc.

PO Box 7583, Westchester, IL 60154, US


Open today

7:00 am – 5:00 pm

Normally Sundays we are closed however some of our staff may opt to work during Sunday. If this is their choice specifically speak with that staff member to schedule a time. 

Drop us a line!

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Privacy Policy

Talentlotto does not share any artists or talent information with any third party entities. Talent and also companies information is keep confidential until any said companies or artists agree to have their identity released. 



Testimonial info

When I first started with Talentlotto they had "Maxxoutt" which was great but the opportunities were few. I like now that they have so many opportunities. I was seeking $5,000 for my film project, but after a endorsement I got $50,000 and I was able to fund my film and also put some towards marketing.

                                            -Obidah S.

I am a singer and I was with Talentlotto for a year and I didn't get any endorsements so the staff really helped me and I was able to get a private showcase with WB Records, thanks Pj!!

                                                -Grace Maddox,19

Thank you Talentlotto I am a mixtape artist I received your $250,000 endorsement for mixtape in 2015 I have had a great run of success since then. 

                                        -Mike J. DJ Jasper

My name is Leslie I am 22 years old I was seeking a record deal and I had no luck there is a lot of great talent out there. I did lack confidence, I spoke with Pj who assured me that my material was great but I needed more capital to bring on a team. I first thought Talentlotto was going to charge me or offer me a service like most other places but that wasn't the case everything was basically free to me. I attended some great events and I met Carrie Underwood and that was a dream and I even got to meet Taylor Swift. I actually received a endorsement for a country singer one week and I got $145,000  so I want to definitely thank Talentlotto and Pj as well. 

                                              Leslie G. 


Hello my name is Carly and I am 20 years old I have always dreamed of modeling and I have been in a few pageants and contests and I win but it's expensive to do this. Well I came across Talentlotto and I spoke with a guy named Andrew he was nice and he told me to call another guy named P. Well Pj was great I guess he modeled so he was able to give me a great deal of advice. Well I still felt like I was missing something so one morning at like 2am Pj called my house and woke everyone in my house up with the best news I had ever had in my life he told me to pack for fashion week 2018 and I actually walked my first runway show. Thank you Pj or Talentlotto well thank you both! 

                                                          Carly F.


   Well I just started with the Talentlotto I started with little understanding but I Have gotten a lot of calls and so far so good. I am actually working on my first movie role so will see how it turns out.

                                   TIM BRADLEY