Mixtape endorsements


Detail of Mixtape division

Unlike other companies Talentlotto events are open to those who are subscribed the events are free and open to all those artists and talent registered within our system. This is is a avenue for Mixtape artists and Mixtape Djs to receive higher net capital to support not only their life but to also create new material and current material. Endorsements are awarded to those artists and Djs there are no obligations. Many times the companies are seeking to see what is out their in regards to emerging talent. Sometimes companies want to see what newer artists have to offer in comparison of artists they currently have on their roster. These analysis reports allow companies to venture into perhaps signing A new artist or perhaps just seeing what may be a a new direction in music. This provides opp for artists which no other company can provide.

Live Talentlotto Mixtape Events

Live Mixtape events are solely for mixtape artists and mixtape Djs. While we will allow any talent to attend we expect for those who will benefit from the event to attend. This is a professional event for those seeking opportunities and also seeking to gain endorsements for future projects. 

Current opportunities

Mixtape artists and Djs be sure to gain a subscription to have access to opportunitie. However weekly endorsements range from $250k upwards to $500k these endorsements are posted weekly however are usually awarded monthly!